Haunted Haus Studios is a multi-function facility for music recording, mixing, mastering, sound design and film/television post-production. It is also an affordable candy land for any musician wanting to take a break from plug-ins and get their hands on the real instruments. Come get lost in sounds as we record you through our 32 channel analog mixing desk, our wonderfully warm and unique analog outboard gear or in pristine digital beauty via Ableton/Protools /Logic. Hell, let's put a  mic on the espresso machine and record it on your phone.


Hey you, Home Recording Person...

Look Down...




In the current state music production, one can easily write, record, produce and master an album while never leaving bed. Then you can get coffee while you upload it to some streaming site. It's very easy, yes. However, for many it is just too much to deal with all of the details and the giant learning curve of how to record, mix and produce music the way you want it to sound. One  can go around in circles and feel stuck. That is where we come in and get you un-stuck.

In much the same way people will hire professionals for doing the plumbing and electricity on their house,  we can also provide a service to fix your mix, help you finish writing your masterpiece or re-record your 50 takes of  over-processed-out-of-phase drums. With over 20 years of combined experience in classical/punk/rock/indie/experimental/techno/main-stream songwriting and production, we have learned a few tips and tricks that we keep up our sleeves. It's an enjoyable thing for us to be able to help, share and teach some of that with you.